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Hill Pursuit is more than your average health and fitness platform. We share a common passion for Faith, Family, and Fitness. As two imperfect friends, we know there are bumps in the road, and we hope by pursuing greatness in these three areas, we can share our experiences to help you become more prepared for the battleground of life. At Hill Pursuit, we look at “climbing the hill” as a privilege; a rare and unique mentality to constantly improve daily. We prepare ourselves for the battle of life through personal experience and evidence-based programming so that we can master any task at hand, ranging from endurance sports, Olympic and powerlifting, and hunting in the backwoods.

Join us, and pursue the climb.


The GOOD and BAD of Treadmill Running

  It’s that time of year.   It’s cold outside. Wet. Snowy. Icy. Windy. Dark. Quiet…   And you’re registered for a spring marathon.   Ha! Good luck!   …just kidding. But in all seriousness. What do you do when ...

72-Hour Water Fast

Recently I decided to do a 72-hour water fast. That’s right…I only drank water (with electrolytes) for 72 hours. I’ll be honest, it’s somewhat of a “fad” lately, although fasting has been around for forever. This “72-hour water fast” has ...

Ohio 70.3 Race Report

Ohio 70.3 Race Report - 7/23/23 This race was awesome. This is the second year I've done this race, and also the second year the race has been held in Sandusky, Ohio. A quick backstory...this race used to be in ...

I Crashed at Mile 49 of the Happy Valley 70.3 Ironman Race

That did NOT go as planned... I had a pretty lofty expectation for the Happy Valley PSU 70.3 this past weekend. I went to Penn State for a short time as an undergraduate student, I am a very big Penn ...
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Kate Testimonial Pic (1)

I have always loved strength training and it was always a part of my endurance training, but when I started to get more into triathlon and endurance sports I knew I needed something that was more specific for my needs and goals! The strength training that Hill Pursuit provides me was just what I needed to take things up a notch! I have noticed not only improvements in my strength, but also my swim, bike and run! I used to HATE running hills, now they are becoming easier and I actually look forward to them when they are on my run! Having someone who understands the training demands of a triathlete and can create a strength program to complement those demands is a GAME CHANGER!!

- Kate Holley,
HillPursuit Athlete,
Victory Multisport Athlete

Tushar Testimonial Pic (1)

I know Dr. Gerhart from my Masters program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Go Hawks!). I took a class related to Strength and Conditioning and loved everything about it. Dr. Gerhart has a very unique coaching philosophy. He worked with me one-on-one and gave me my best chance to achieve my goals. He played a vital role in helping me complete my first marathon! He also helped me focus on mental training as well. He guided me so well with coaching and mental preparation to run one of the biggest marathons in the world. I am looking forward to running more half and full marathons with his guidance!

- Tushar Nilamben,
HillPursuit Athlete,

April Testimonial Pic (1)

I needed help with both strength training and cardio programming, as well as evaluating and tweaking my form. Coach Hayden is knowledgeable, sincere and accessible. He created a program that was in line with my goals. Coach Hayden was available to answer questions and give input. He also provided the encouragement I needed! Highly recommend!

- April Jordan, HillPursuit Athlete



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