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Not Every Day is a GREAT Day

Today was challenging.

To be honest, the entire marathon prep has been challenging. Filled with highs and lows. Mainly highs!

Some workouts have gone perfectly, even better than expected, and some have gone terribly. Today’s fell somewhere in the middle, and it has me wondering if I’m slightly overtrained…

I was planning on 4 intervals of 3miles, relatively faster than TEMPO pace. As I started the 3-mile warmup, I realized I didn’t have my best effort. So when I began my working intervals, I started slower than planned. I made it through two intervals fairly well. However, these intervals were on rolling hills and it took a lot out of me. So instead of hitting my pace goals on the track, I worked harder than I anticipated and ran slower than I expected. I got onto the track for my 3rd working interval, and immediately turned it into my cooldown. I only got 2 of the 4 intervals that I had planned today.

Not great. But as I was running, I realized something. I realized that today was a hard day. In fact, training often brings good days and bad days, but the truth is that you can’t recognize either of them unless you consistently show up EVERY day. So I found a victory in that.

It’s possible I’m overtrained! What does that mean?

I need to begin tapering sooner than later.

I will still hit my last long, slow-distance (LSD) run this weekend, but after that I am planning my taper. This is one full week earlier than I had originally planned.

I hope it pays off.