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Almost 1 Week Post-PR

I’m about 1 week post-race and have been reflecting quite a bit on the experience.

Looking back at the last 9+ months, I’ve worked extremely hard and I’m thrilled with my race performances.

One year ago I became an Ironman. What an incredible accomplishment, one of my proudest! Then I transitioned into an off-season, and prepped for a race I had done before, that I was familiar with; Eagleman 70.3.

All of a sudden, Ironman announces Ohio70.3 is changing locations essentially to my backyard, and I feel excited and decide to race it! That may have been a bit much, but I still enjoyed myself. Immediately following that race, I dove into an 8-week marathon prep and found a ton of success.

I pr’d my marathon by 16 minutes, and pr’d the Akron Marathon course by over 90 minutes! Wow…

I’m thrilled with the work I put into this season. My goal was to race under 5:30 minutes for a 70.3 and I accomplished that in 5:27. My next goal was to race a marathon in under 4 hours and I accomplished that in 3:52.

So what’s next?

Well, I still have plans to race Ohio 70.3 next season. But just yesterday, Ironman announced Pennsylvania Happy Valley 70.3 and I simply can’t miss it!

So I will be racing TWO 70.3 races in July. PA in early July and OH in late July.

I’d also like to sprinkle in a marathon in April, if possible, so we will see if that happens.

As of now the race season schedule isn’t necessarily SET, but it’s close…

Off-season for now, but I’m already stoked for next year!