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EPISODE 69: Get to Know Coach Ken

Today we have the pleasure of formally introducing Coach Ken Rogers from Progressive Strength Project. Ken has been with HillPursuit for quite some time, near the beginning! He is not only an incredible athlete, but he offers a wide variety of Nutritional Services to our athletes here at HillPursuit, and has recently diversified his expertise to endurance athletes with Victory Multisport. Ken is an asset to our team and we’re lucky to have him! I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about Ken in today’s podcast episode. Enjoy!

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– Meet Coach Ken from Progressive Strength Project

– Athletic Background

– School of “wikipedia” and wrestling

– “We can get away with a lot when we’re young”

– The importance of education and setting the right example

– Personal injuries led to a passion to “show clients what I wish I knew”

– Discover Ken’s areas of expertise and services he provides

– Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching packages

– Race Prep Strategies and Packages

– Current fitness goal: Zercher clean 295lb

– “Can you afford to feel tired?”

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