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EPISODE 71: Get to Know Coach Ashley

Today we have the pleasure of formally introducing Coach Ashley from Case Specific Nutrition. Ashley has recently joined HillPursuit in a collaborative effort to provide nutritional services to our athletes. She is a highly decorated athlete and coach, who has a ton of expertise in the Nutrition space. As a registered dietitian, she is able to work with any and everybody, ranging from those with metabolic diseases to individuals trying to qualify for Kona. Ashley is a huge asset to our team and we’re lucky to have her! I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about Ashley in today’s podcast episode. Enjoy!

– Meet Coach Ashley from Case Specific Nutrition

– Athletic Background

– Dealing with Injuries

– Unique introduction to Sport Nutrition

– Own Personal Race Goals! Big ones

– Building a Nutrition Plan TOGETHER

– Expertise with diseased populations, Ironman athletes, and everyone inbetween

– 1-on-1 Consults

– Stay tuned for Nutrition Shorts from Ashley


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